AMT (Advanced Microwave Technologies) Co., Ltd. is established to develop Surface Acoustic Wave (SAW) devices for the base stations for mobile telecommunication in 1998.
AMT develop and apply various SAW filters and units & parts of wide range electronic signal processing. Our main products are customized high performance bandpass SAW filter, Resonator, Delay Line and the other SAW products for various industrial applications. These are applied to CDMA, GSM and WCDMA etc. digital wireless communication system, digital microwave radio, wireless network, cable TV equipment, internet, and the other applications of microwave and RF system like as various military, satellite system and sensors.
AMT has established two production lines: 1 um for IF SAW devices using infra structure and 0.5um for RF SAW devices using mobile handset. RoHs complaints requirements and ISO9001 & ISO14001 for quality and environmental authentication.
AMT have R&D and FAB LAB in Korea, and also design, R&D and production facilities in China.

Products families:
  • IF SAW Filters
  • RF SAW Filters
  • SAW Resonators
  • SAW Delay Lines
  • SAW Delay Lines
  • SAW Devices for WLL
  • WAA
  • SR
  • Cavity products
  • Dielectric Filter (MF Type)
  • Laser Diode